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About us

Copper Canyon Art

We are a 100% Mexican company located in the city of Cuauhtemoc, state of Chihuahua, where we work to bring popular Mexican art to international markets. Our essence is the result of artisanal work conceived over hundreds of years of tradition, culture and symbolism typical of Mexican people and cultures that is expressed in harmony with the new trends of conscious, responsible, sustainable consumption and fair trade. Together with the public and private sectors, we enhance the capabilities and skills of artisans and promote their socioeconomic and financial independence. We not only comply with the laws related to employment in Mexico but also seek to create and maintain ideal conditions so that artisanal work becomes a dignified way of life and not a form of subsistence. A fair and ethical payment for the products received based on their production costs and the work performed.



We recognize the passion of our Mexican artisans who give each work the soul and a unique beauty without equal. Likewise, we encourage the work of millennial families with fair and ethical payment, promoting ideal conditions to maintain a dignified way of life.

We help artisans to innovate their products with avant-garde concepts of Mexican decoration, seeking to maintain the recognition of our crafts at a national and international level.

We motivate our artisans to offer products of the best quality with the purpose of standing out in international markets, ensuring the sustainability of the artisanal tourism sector and publicizing the cultural wealth of Mexico.

We are a 100% Mexican team dedicated to design, distribution and marketing with the objective of sustaining our Mexican traditions from generation to generation guided by the principles of fair payment, sustainability, tradition, innovation, quality and service.

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